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A Spiritual Novel  by Lisa Osina
Illustrated by: Susan K Wagner

Susan K Wagner was born a Shaman healer and an artist.  Her art education began at the age of seven in her grandmother’s art studio, where she learned from a master watercolorist.  At the age of 50 she earned her BFA in Art History, Fine Art and Design. 

Her mediums include photography, digital art, watercolor, acrylics, ceramics, and sculpture in alabaster and wood.  Immediately following receiving her BFA  she enrolled in a four year intensive program for Sacred Arts and Healing. 

The loves of her life are her family, her art, her healing practice and her job as a designer. She lives in Washington State with her husband, daughter and her faithful and trusted companion, Lucky Dawg.

Author - Lisa Osina

56, was born in New York State and immigrated with her mother and step-father in 1971 to Israel, settling on a kibbutz.  She left Israel in 1977 and stopped in London on route to the U.S., where she fell in love with the city and stayed for 14 years.  After returning to the U.S in 1991, Lisa began to write in 1994 and published her first work, an autobiographical novel, Moving in 2000. 

Other works include Lucy’s Web and Op Hoop Van Zegen – A Dutch Steel Barge.  Moving was one of the pioneering novels to be published electronically becoming one of the first ‘e-books.’

Professionally, Lisa’s 35 year career in theater administration, publicity and accounting has provided opportunity and financial well being.  However, she says, “Life didn’t really begin until I reached 40.” 

After many years of self educating in the realms of spiritualism and shamanism, at 50, Lisa enrolled in a four year program of self empowerment and ancient sacred teachings.  Now graduated and ordained, she balances her professional career in public accounting and her spiritual practices with writing and creativity.

Lisa lives in Northern California with her husband, Ofer, two dogs, two cats and a ball python.